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Important Note: You have landed in the right place to enter the 2018 PRCA Medallions Awards Competition. It is important to know though that as you navigate throughout this site you may see reference to SPRF (Southern Public Relations Federation) and their awards program called Lanterns. While these are two separate awards programs, the entry process is the same and some links to references within the Medallions site use examples from the Lanterns. 

PRCA Medallions Award Entry Submission:

  • CLICK HERE TO START YOUR FIRST ENTRY FOR THE PRCA MEDALLION AWARDS (This login is different from the SPRF awards, so even if you used this site for SPRF Lanterns you need to click here the first time you enter the PRCA Medallions.)
  • Once you have registered as a user through the above link you can simply log in on the left side of this page with your email and password for any additional entries.

Have questions? Click here to contact the individual award program chairs.

For information on other award programs, click one of the links below:

Quick link to PRCA Medallions Categories Page


Looking for helpful information on how to go through the entry process? Take a look at this slideshow! While this was presented in 2015, the information has not changed for the 2018 awards. Also, while this was created for SPRF Lanterns, the process and information is the same for PRCA Medallions. 

"Get Recognized: How to Enter the 2015 Lantern Awards"

SPRF Lantern How to Enter Webinar PDF